What do you know about creatine?

Creatine is a substance found in mammalian muscles and is often used as a dietary supplement. This substance is mainly found in meat and therefore the name is derived from the ancient Greek word ‘Kreas’. Your own body also produces the substance, but sometimes that is not enough if you train a lot and can have a beneficial effect with creatine as a dietary supplement.

Improve sports performance

Creatine is often used to improve performance with explosive efforts. A daily intake of 3 grams is sufficient. Moreover, vegetarians and vegans generally do not get enough and for these people a dietary supplement of creatine is a solution. In addition, there are people who simply do not like meat or have time to prepare it regularly. The use of creatine supplements is also a perfect solution.

Creatine in food

Creatine is mainly found in meat, but also in some fish. For example, beef and tuna contain approximately 1-2 grams of creatine per kilogram. You need 1 to 3 grams to supplement your own creatine stores. Then you can get it from the right diet or take a creatine supplement.

Positive effects

Creatine has a positive effect, especially for athletes. Your body simply uses a lot of energy during exercise. To make your muscles move, your body uses its energy sources. Your body activates certain substances for this and these substances must be supplemented to maintain its explosive movements. How quickly your body does this depends in part on the amount of creatine phosphate in your body. By breaking this, your body can release new substances so that you can sustain explosive movements longer. Therefore, if you have a larger creatine buffer, this affects your athletic performance. Oral administration offers high levels of creatine that are absorbed by the body. In addition to more muscle power, creatine also provides more muscle cell volume.

Health benefits

But the use of creatine nutritional supplements also has other benefits. This not only offers strength and a larger training volume. It also offers a higher anaerobic limit, which means better sprint performance. In addition to the benefits for the athlete, it also reduces their daily tasks and improves the neurological functions of younger and older people. The risk of injury is smaller and the recovery of the injury is faster.

A positive influence

Enough reasons to start using creatine. Sports performance not only improves, but also has a positive impact on your health.