Increase your metabolism, 10 proven ways!

Your body must work hard even when it is completely at rest. Your respiratory, digestive and brain functions, for example, always continue, even when you sleep.

The more energy your body uses at rest, the easier it is to maintain weight or lose weight if you wish. With a high metabolism you also feel better and fit.

The amount of calories that you burn when your body is at rest is expressed in BMR (basal metabolism). Calculate your BMR here.

1. Eat protein with every meal

After eating, your metabolism speeds up a few hours. This is due to the extra energy needed to digest, absorb and absorb nutrients. You burn more calories temporarily.

After eating proteins your metabolism speeds up from 15 to 30%. This is 5-10% for carbohydrates and 0-3% for fats.

2. Drink more cold water

By choosing water, you already get far fewer calories than when you choose sugary drinks or soft drinks.

But if you drink water, your metabolism increases temporarily. Research has shown that after drinking half a liter of water, the metabolism was 10 to 30% faster for an hour.

If this water is also cold, your body needs extra energy to reach it at body temperature and the effect will be even greater.

3. Do interval training

You burn calories during exercise and training. But exercise also helps to build muscle. Your body needs more energy to maintain muscle mass than to maintain fat. This means that your metabolism increases and you burn more calories at rest.

During interval training, alternate periods of intensive exercise with rest periods. According to this research, this training method ensures even greater fat reduction.

4. Do strength training


You develop muscle mass with strength training. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn at rest.

You can train with small weights, but yoga also helps. You use your own body as a weight.

5. Stay longer

Staying together for too long is not healthy. If you feel a lot, it means that you burn fewer calories and are more likely to be overweight.

For example, if you sit behind the table longer instead of sitting, you burn more calories. With 3 hours of standing, you burned 174 kcal more than sitting.

6. Drink coffee

The caffeine in coffee stimulates the nervous system to break down fat cells. This is because the amount of adrenaline in the blood temporarily increases after coffee. This converts fat cells into fatty acids.

After drinking coffee, your digestion or metabolism is temporarily accelerated from 3 to 11%. The more you drink, the greater the effect.

7. Drink more tea

Green tea is healthy. Green tea and Oolong tea appear to increase metabolism by 4-5%.

This happens for the same reasons as with coffee. Partially for caffeine, but also for tea catechins, which speed up your metabolism a few hours after drinking. Another advantage of tea is that it hardly adds any calories.

8. Eat spiced more often

Sweet peppers contain capsaicin, a substance that increases your metabolism.

Most people can only tolerate small amounts of peppers. That is why the effect of eating peppers can be small, but if you combine it with other ways that speed up your metabolism, which are on this page, they can have more effect, for example.

9. Sleep well

Lack of sleep increases the risk of being overweight. This is caused by the effects of sleep deprivation on the metabolism.

If you sleep too little, the hormones ghrelin (which regulates hunger) and leptin (the hormone that indicates that you have eaten enough) decrease. Sleep deprivation is also associated with a higher sugar content and an increased risk of diabetes 2

10. Eat whole grains more often

By replacing white flour products with whole products, your metabolism increases.

Your body simply has to work harder to burn whole grains. Integrated bread fibers also slow down digestion, making blood sugar levels less likely to rise. If your sugar level is balanced, without significant peaks and troughs, you will have fewer problems with compulsions, energy drops and mood swings.