Cardio or weights if you want to lose weight?

To stimulate fat burning, many people often do cardiovascular training in addition to dieting. Cardio comes from cardiovascular disease, so this type of aerobic training is good for the heart and blood vessels.

I don’t want muscles!

When I ask why they do this, the answer is usually: I don’t want muscle, I want to lose fat. These people can no longer be confused.

Fat burning at rest is mainly determined by dry muscle mass.

Muscles and fat burners!

The more muscle a person has, the more calories he will burn by simply doing nothing. Someone who immediately loses muscle mass also reduces fat burning. Weight training provides more muscle mass, so in addition to the calories that you burn during your own workout, it speeds up fat burning for the rest of the day. Someone who loses weight during a diet but does not exercise at the same time loses on average one pound of muscle mass for every pound of fat.

Slow combustion!

The combustion will become slower and slower and as soon as it is used up, the pounds will fly again. Losing weight with food and cardio goes faster. But here are also disadvantages. First, the body learns from someone who practices a lot of cardio to use energy more efficiently very quickly, which means that it takes more or more time to get rid of the same amount of fat. If a novice with an hour of intensive cardio burns around 600 calories, there will only be 400 after a year!

Calorie burned!

Moreover, cardiovascular training does nothing for muscle mass and excess cardio is harmful for muscle mass. Four pounds of extra muscle mass means that someone burns 100 calories a day without having to do anything else. This is equivalent to 5 kg of pure fat per year.

3x cardio, 3x weights!

What is the ideal recipe for losing fat? Eat slightly fewer calories than you need to keep on weight, on average around 500 a day, where it is good to wave a little so that your body cannot adjust. Train with weight three times a week to strengthen and strengthen your muscles. An additional advantage is of course that it will improve. Also do cardio up to three times a week, preferably in the form of an interval, to improve muscle and heart condition and burn some extra fat.

Choose between cardio and weights?

If you really had to choose between aerobic or anaerobic cardio bodybuilding, while fat loss is your main goal, the choice is simple, choose bodybuilding!